Be Wary of Allergen Labels

Today I learned (thankfully the easy way), that food labels aren’t consistently trustworthy — though you probably already knew that.

I felt like making some chocolate chip cookies this evening, but didn’t have enough of my Ghirardelli Special Dark Chocolate Chips, so decided to pick some up while I made an errand to Wal-Mart. I normally do my grocery shopping at HEB, so was in for a surprise when I learned that Wal-Mart doesn’t carry my go-to chocolate chips.

As I read the ingredient lists for all the chocolate chips that might work for me, I came across this:

Do you see that? At the end of the ingredient list, it says ‘May contain milk.’ But IN THE LINE RIGHT ABOVE, it says ‘milk fat.’


Thank goodness I read the ingredient list and not JUST the ending!! I realize that it’s always been important to read the entire list and not just the ending, but we’re all guilty of just being tired of reading lists upon lists, when it would be incredibly easier to just look at the bottom.

My PSA after this incident:



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