FDOM16: What I’ve Learned

In addition to forcing me to keep up with my food allergy-related adventures, I learned a lot about blogging in the process.

Out of the tools that WordPress offers to its consumers, I found the photo slideshow to be the most effective and helpful. The slideshow allowed me to upload multiple photos without obnoxiously bombarding my readers. I didn’t find any tools particularly ineffective, just unnecessary for my blogging.

Since I plan on going forward with my blogging (and even start a ‘Recipes’ page dedicated to dairy- and egg-free recipes), I plan on using some of the lessons I’ve learned this semester to help me expand my reader-base.

I’ve learned how to properly tag my blogs to ensure I gather the right crowd of readers, I’ve learned how to make my writing more interesting and less esssay-like, and I’ve learned how to choose my battles in regard to what is blog-worthy.

A Rundown of My Blog Statistics:

  • My most popular week: 31 October – 6 November
  • Number of views and visitors that week: 91 views and 33 visitors
  • My most popular post of the year: 2 November
  • Number of views for that post: 31 views
  • I think that particular post (and therefore week) was the most popular because utilized lots of different tags and businesses. When I then posted the blog URL on Twitter, I made sure I mentioned each of the businesses I discussed in order to gain more attraction.
  • The most surprising information from the Site Stats data: I thought it was pretty cool that I could see where people were viewing my posts from and how they got to my site. I could compare how many of my visitors came from Facebook vs. how many of my visitors came from Twitter.
My allergy-related Instagram: nothanksimallergic

My allergy-related email: nothanksimallergic@gmail.com

My personal/allergy-related Twitter: txannieswi

I recently discovered some vegan cheese products from Daiya. They guarantee no allergen contamination since they have a separate processing plant for their allergen-free items. It was so cool to have a pizza that wasn’t just marinara sauce! 🙂


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