FDOM16: Food Allergy Awareness Interview

Because the number of people with food allergies has drastically increased within the last decade, understanding food allergies and anaphylaxis has become more and more necessary. More children can’t have peanut butter sandwiches or scrambled eggs.

To find out how many of my friends and family were knowledgeable about food allergies, and to understand their opinions on how the rise in allergies should affect the restaurant business, I designed a survey (with the results of that survey documented here). In addition to a survey, I also interviewed a friend of mine about his knowledge of food allergies and what he thought about the difference in taste of regular food and allergen-free food.

The results of both my survey and interview were astounding! Thankfully, significantly more people understand the severity of food allergies and anaphylaxis than five years ago. While it’s upsetting that more children are being encumbered with food allergies, it’s great to know that more adults are attempting to understand the children’s plight — especially when they don’t even have children with food allergies!


FDOM16: What I’ve Learned

In addition to forcing me to keep up with my food allergy-related adventures, I learned a lot about blogging in the process.

Out of the tools that WordPress offers to its consumers, I found the photo slideshow to be the most effective and helpful. The slideshow allowed me to upload multiple photos without obnoxiously bombarding my readers. I didn’t find any tools particularly ineffective, just unnecessary for my blogging.

Since I plan on going forward with my blogging (and even start a ‘Recipes’ page dedicated to dairy- and egg-free recipes), I plan on using some of the lessons I’ve learned this semester to help me expand my reader-base.

I’ve learned how to properly tag my blogs to ensure I gather the right crowd of readers, I’ve learned how to make my writing more interesting and less esssay-like, and I’ve learned how to choose my battles in regard to what is blog-worthy.

A Rundown of My Blog Statistics:

  • My most popular week: 31 October – 6 November
  • Number of views and visitors that week: 91 views and 33 visitors
  • My most popular post of the year: 2 November
  • Number of views for that post: 31 views
  • I think that particular post (and therefore week) was the most popular because utilized lots of different tags and businesses. When I then posted the blog URL on Twitter, I made sure I mentioned each of the businesses I discussed in order to gain more attraction.
  • The most surprising information from the Site Stats data: I thought it was pretty cool that I could see where people were viewing my posts from and how they got to my site. I could compare how many of my visitors came from Facebook vs. how many of my visitors came from Twitter.
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My allergy-related email: nothanksimallergic@gmail.com

My personal/allergy-related Twitter: txannieswi

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