This evening I had a wonderful meal at Applebees where the server was completely understanding of my allergies. She made sure that I had the allergen menu with me to make educated decisions about my meal, and let me know when I selected something that wasn’t within my parameters.

The great thing about Applebees, and many other chain restaurants, is that they’ve learned the importance of being allergy-friendly — by offering an allergen menu both online and in the store. Not only did this assist in me making an educated decision on what I could eat, the restaurant also ensured that my meal was completely allergen-free.

An un-buttered steak at Applebees.

I was thoroughly impressed with Applebees, especially since the last time that I’d eaten at an Applebees I had a really bad reaction. It was so wonderful that the restaurant was so willing to accommodate my allergies — I’ll definitely have to come again!