If you think finding allergy-friendly restaurants is hard, it’s even harder to find allergy-friendly bakeries. Due to the fact that most baking requires eggs, enjoying sweets has never really been something I get to do . . . in fact, I’m not even much of a fan of sweets (I believe it’s just because I never really got to have any). But every now and then, I crave something decadent!! And there’s just really no point in me making a batch of cupcakes for one leetle craving (as much as my husband and coworkers enjoy it when I do 😉)

But hallelujah! I live in the Austin area, which means some allergy-friendly/vegan bakeries are within driving distance! Because I’m in Georgetown, they’re about a half hour to an hour drive away, which just means I make a day trip out of going down into Austin to enjoy the beautiful views, listen to my favorite podcast, and partake in some delicious sweets. ❤

Capital City Bakery

This is the first allergy-friendly bakery I came across in the Austin area. Located in downtown Austin off Cesar Chavez, Capital City Bakery has absolutely no dairy or eggs onsite, which means there is NO THREAT OF CROSS-CONTAMINATION. And let me tell you: that phrase is one of the sweetest (no pun intended 😆) phrases someone with food allergies could hear. This bakery is a little far for me to drive to, so I don’t go there as often as I’d like — but it’s definitely a must-try for anyone wanting a vegan and allergen-free bakery experience.

The Steeping Room

Although this place is a tea lounge and not a bakery, they still serve quite a few vegan options! From cupcakes to cookies, The Steeping Room is a place I always enjoy stopping by to have some green tea, a vegan currant scone, and to either read a book or do some homework. I always go to the Domain’s location, but there’s also one in downtown Austin. Austin is so allergy-friendly, and I’ve never had a problem with their vegan options!

Doing homework with a vegan currant scone and a cup of hot green tea.

Sweet Ritual

This vegan ice cream shop was just introduced to me two weeks ago and I’ve already stopped by twice since my original encounter! Just like Capital City Bakery, Sweet Ritual has absolutely no dairy or egg on the premises, so again there is NO THREAT OF CROSS-CONTAMINATION!! Located off of Airport Blvd and only about a half hour drive for me, this place is a little easier for me to get to. All of their ice creams are made with locally-produced items, and their entire ingredient list is available online!

Attention vegans and others with food allergies: THE WORLD IS CATCHING UP WITH US. Eventually, there will be more and more options for us and we won’t feel so left out of the sweet craze! 💗