FDOM16 Review a Blog

I was surprised to find that there are actually quite a few food allergy blogs going on — I thought I was one of a select few!! I came across a blog by Why Risk It?, a blog about teens living with food allergies, written by teens and for teens. It’s based out of Canada, which made the blog post itself seem even more interesting.

Intolerance vs Allergies.JPG
A screenshot of the WhyRiskIt blog.


I chose this blog because it’s something that I identify with on a personal level: many people’s misunderstanding on intolerance and anaphylaxis. There have been countless times when someone around me has said they’re allergic to dairy, then when questioned further they reveal that milk just gives them bad gas.

With the influx in gluten-free foods, many people have been confusing any type of intolerance with food allergies. I was recently at a restaurant and explained to the server that I was fatally allergic to dairy and eggs, and asked whether their hamburger buns contained either of those allergens. The server had the audacity to tell me that I wasn’t actually allergic — I was just a picky eater and even so, a little butter on the bun won’t matter.

Um, yes, it will matter. Allergies are not something to be made light of. For those like me, whether there’s a little butter on that bun is a matter of life and death.


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