FDOM16 Allergies While on Vacation


Today is Josh’s and my second anniversary!! 😍 Last year we traveled to Colorado for a few days to stay in a secluded B&B at the top of a mountain . . . this year we opted for a cheaper trip and spent a day and night in Fort Worth. We had two issues with my food allergies in Colorado, so I was really hoping that my night out at an expensive steakhouse wouldn’t end in my face swelling (especially since I’d already had a reaction earlier in the week).

Thankfully, Capital Grille was absolutely amazing. Not only did the restaurant decorate our table, give me a rose, and give us a free dessert platter because it was our anniversary, they also rolled out the red carpet for my allergies. The waitress, Kristen, double-checked with the chef to see which bread I could snack on. When I finally ordered my entree and sides, we realized that I wouldn’t be able to have the fingerling potatoes like normal or brussel sprouts like normal — and I absolutely LOVE potatoes and brussel sprouts!! Kristen understood completely, and said that the restaurant’s chef was so wonderful that all she had to do was tell him the allergies and he would come up with some new way to cook it that was not only okay for me, but still mouthwatering-delicious.

My bone-in NY strip steak, sauteed in something delicious other than butter, with some delicious brussel sprouts on the side.

And OHMYGOSH I was completely blown away by how delicious my meal was!! Because of how confident and knowledgeable Kristen was, I had no qualms or anxiousness about my meal (and believe me, and anxiousness tends to creep up while dining out!). In addition to thanking both the manager and the chef, I was also sure to leave them a positive review on Yelp and Allergy Eats (a restaurant review/finder website for families with food allergies).

What a relief it was to be able to travel, relax, and actually enjoy my vacation — all because I knew that this wonderful restaurant would go out of their way to ensure that I had the best, safest, and most delicious experience that I could possibly have.


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