I’m 25, am working at AT&T, am studying Mass Communications, am a Catholic, am happily married, am ENFJ . . . and have fatal food allergies to all dairy and egg products. Which basically means I can’t eat a lot of foods. I can’t have cheese, I can rarely have chocolate, I have to be super careful about bread, and I am constantly scared of cross-contamination, even at restaurants I’ve been to before. Thankfully, I have a loving family and married into another one, so eating with them is always safe for me.

I’ve chosen to write about my allergies and my experiences at restaurants because:

  1. I’ve been trying to keep up with this blog since the start of the year and this project will ensure I continue to write.
  2. The amount of Americans with fatal food allergies has grown exponentially, and I believe that my lifelong experience with anaphylaxis could be used to help young children deal with their own allergies.
  3. I believe it’s of vital importance that those of y’all who don’t suffer from food allergies are made fully aware of the importance and severity of said allergies. Too many times I’ve had reactions because a server at a restaurant didn’t fully understand how important it was that my burger bun not be sauteed in butter. http://www.foodallergy.org/anaphylaxis
  4. I’m extremely passionate about teaching others about my allergies, so this project will allow me to broadcast my passion even more.
08/02/2016: The morning after an allergic reaction to egg in a hamburger bun. In addition to swollen eyes, I also experienced itchy lips, hives, nausea, and shallow breathing. I had to give myself an Epi-Pen and had to miss work the following day.

My ideal audiences would be children/young adults who are also suffering from food allergies and feel left out or isolated — and those who don’t fully understand what anaphylaxis is.

I currently run an Instagram account regarding my food allergies, so I hope that keeping up with this blog will also ensure I keep up with my additional Instagram.